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 Darryl Cherney Music 

Darryl Cherney -- Short Biography (Long Bio)

Executive Director, Environmentally Sound Promotions
Organizer and Troubador, Earth First! Redwood Action Team

Darryl Cherney, 48, was born in New York City and has been an activist, topical singer/songwriter and organizer for over twenty-five years. He co-founded the Headwaters Forest Campaign with activist/photographer Greg King in 1986. In 1997, he created Environmentally Sound Promotions, a non-profit with the motto "Music, Arts and Media for the Earth," and currently serves as its executive director. He has organized hundreds of rallies and events, and authored over a hundred press releases on behalf of forest protection and civil rights for activists.

Darryl joined with Judi Bari to create the Redwood Summer 1990 campaign and well as a timber worker--environmentalists alliance. At the onset of Redwood Summer, Judi and Darryl were bombed in a car in an assassination attempt. The FBI and Oakland Police attempted to frame them for carrying the explosives that almost killed them. Judi and Darryl went on to sue the agencies for violations of their civil rights. Twelve years later, in June of 2002, they won a $4.4 million jury award. Sadly, Judi died in 1997 from cancer and so was represented by her estate.

Darryl hosted an environmental talk show for seventeen years as well as a political music program on KMUD community radio in Redway, California. He has produced nine albums of both his own and others of environmental music and spoken word. In February of 2004 he released his fifth album of humorous political songs, Real American. He has a M.S. in Urban Education (1977) from Fordham University.


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